How long do Gopher snake typically grow?


Gopher snake is a non-venomous snake native to North America. The beautiful patterning and incredible adaptability of these serpents are well known. The rate and size at which snakes grow is one feature that piques the interest of snake lovers.

Growth stages:

Early Development and Stages:

When gopher snakes hatch from their eggs, they are 20 to 35 cm long. These snakes experience fast growth throughout the first year of their existence, frequently tripling or even quadrupling in size from their birth. The pace of growth during this first phase is greatly influenced by dietary variables, environmental factors, and hereditary factors.

Growth of Adolescents:

As gopher snakes reach their second year, their growth rate slows. They continue to develop steadily, though, adding 15 to 30 cm or more to their length every year on average. Gopher snakes typically reach adulthood at 3 to 4 feet long.

Adult Size and Maturity:

When gopher snakes attain sexual maturity, their development rate slows substantially. At this stage, they can grow up to 1.2 to 2.1 meters long. Though individual variance might happen and some gopher snakes may perform better than average, it’s crucial to keep this in mind.

Growth-Influencing Factors:

Gopher snake growth impacted by a number of circumstances. As small mammals, birds, eggs, and reptiles are the only sources of the nutrients required for optimal growth, nutrition is of the utmost significance. Climate and the availability of suitable habitats are other environmental factors that are important. Growing rates and overall size can also affected by genetic traits acquired from parents.


From their little origins as hatchling to their remarkable lengths as adults, gopher snakes display an intriguing growth pattern. Even though these versatile and hardy species’ growth rates slow with age, they never cease to fascinate reptile aficionados with their varied patterns and captivating behavior. Our ability to appreciate and preserve these amazing snakes enhanced by our knowledge of their growth cycle.

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